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About Me

Hi! Some are you are already familiar with me and some are not. And some of you, I suspect, are just plain fed-up. But I don’t blame you. Hey, come a little closer now, I wont bite.

Some explanations about “madsalos”. Actually since I was 12 year-old boarder in an all-male residential school this is what I go by, a truncation of my full name. Since three syllables are quite a mouthful, my fellow high school mates shortened it to “Salos”. Then some twenty-five years down the road a certain legendary oilfield “godfather” in the high seas of Terengganu re-christened (or is it re-muslimmed?) me Mat Salo. And the name has stuck since. So now you know.

I’ve spent almost all my adult life on rigs and thus a bit unfamiliar with life’s normal aspects. I cuss, have calloused hands, and ogle inappropriately at women, especially after spending more than a month on the rig. But I don’t count myself a sexist. After all, I do have a mother, wife, sisters, and most recently, a lovely daughter. Surely I should know how to behave shouldn’t I?

This blog also hopes to dispel the myth that blue collar oilfield hands with single-track minds are not susceptible to marshaling thoughts on paper (or cyberspace), are insensitive to women, or are incapable of love.

Oh yes, love.

I can very well love.

And I do welcome you to my blog.



  1. Am I the first here? Ohhhhh, I love you too Bro!

    Ha-ha, attagirl.. Nothing ever eludes you, eh? Thanks for being the first! I’m honored, Mish! 🙂

    Comment by elviza — August 17, 2008 @ 10:39 pm | Reply

  2. Just keeping you company, bro

    Comment by Kjk — November 28, 2008 @ 10:29 am | Reply

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  4. […] went our ways after that memorable chance meeting. I could have gotten a taxi but Mat Salo decided to send me to Sentral and wait for the 8.30 PM train back to Pasir Mas. It was raining […]

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