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October 26, 2008

Writer’s Writuals – kena chup…

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Runnin' Tubin'
Runnin’ Tubin’

Elviza had tagged me recently but here let me apologize for being extremely tardy (I can imagine Elviza rolling her eyes and curling her lips into a snarl). Sabor la weh! A million and one excuses, ya, ya.

I just finished drilling the 6″ inch section of the well yesterday all the way to 4577 m final depth so I got some time on hands now. From the picture above you can see my crew busy running the 4-1/2″ tubing to protect the lobang already drilled. If not for the tubing (or sometimes called casing), the hole is apt to collapse. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty. (Note: I’m inside the container below the crane pedestal).

Here goes…


Where are you?

Self-explanatory in as in the picture. Oh, here’s another picture taken minutes ago after a bout of writer’s block…


Bereft of Ideas... Wine, Women & Song

Bereft of Ideas... Wine, Women & Song

Note to Elviza: The Ubud Writer’s Festival is going on RIGHT NOW. Ah, don’t you wish?


What are you writing with?

Abusing my company’s workstation, a Dell Latitude D620 running XP Professional. Who needs Vista? Side note: Can you imagine Lenovo, the world’s biggest PC and notebook maker, loads Vista in each machine they sell BUT FORBIDS VISTA IN THEIR OWN CORPORATE MACHINES? They run XP on a corporate level, just like my employer. Says a lot doesn’t it? Me, I’m just waiting for big business to see the light and start specifying Macs. A 13″ Macbook (white) would be nice. 🙂

What is the oddest object in front of you?

Define what you mean by odd? A ‘diamond’ brand stopwatch, I guess. I already have that function on my Protrek Casio. Odd because we’re using cheap everyday tools to run a multi-million dollar operation here. We should specify Patek Phillipe or Blancpain at the very least.


What are you listening to?

The click-clack of my two-fingered typing on my keyboard and the slow hum of the container’s AC. The AC is not for us, oh no. It’s to cool the super-fast chips that powers the stuff that churns data from our tools in the lobang. If not the computer will melt. At least that’s what the IT people tell me.


Is there anyone else in the room?

There’s this girl, a new engineer. Freshly graduated from ITS (Institute Teknologi 10 September, Surabaya), whose alma mater is claimed as second only to ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology). But every time I come in here she makes excuses to be excused, and leaves. Why? So the answer is no but I would love if it was a yes.


What time of the day is it?

Same time as in Malaysia. +08.00 GMT. Kalimantan Timur falls under ‘Waktu Indonesia Tengah’ or WITA for short. Java and Medan is WIB, or Waktu Indonesia Barat. Oh that. It’s close to 6.00 p.m. and the sun is slowly slipping past the horizon. Pretty soon gue telat solat maghrib deh!


What do you look at when you are looking for inspiration?

I never look for inspiration. Inspiration looks for me. But most likely is I wait for people like Elviza to give me shit for not updating my blogs. Then suddenly, I’m inspired.

What is guaranteed to remove your concentration?


Anything and everything. I’m easily distracted. Women, or thoughts of them is one. That’s why it’s been almost three months since I put anything up here… 🙂

N.B. Since I smoke to get divine inspiration, it’s a bummer then that I couldn’t smoke in my container. Regulations. For ‘merisap’ (this the work Bataks use for smoko) I have to walk way back to the rear of the deck (bontot kapai). Makes it worse, of course, with no ciggie facing the blank LCD. Adds to my feelings of inadequacy. I’m talking about writer’s block, lah. I think this attempt is rather so-so . Cukup makan. Wit, I’m sorry, is not my middle name. For that, you have to go either Bangkai’s or Mat Cendana’s to get your rocks off . . .



  1. woi, bukan lagi lama baru kau update blog kamu. Interesting jugak tempat kerja kamu. he he..
    I malas baca tag mengetag lah. sorry lerr.. hingga your new posting..bye

    Betul tuh bang, I ni malas betul. Tag mengetag ini memang pusing bagi hok orang tua macam kita. Eh, gambo kat srikebakat tu bukan main lagi… Bila nak turun kajang lagi Bang. Ini 29 November nak buat informal meet kat KL. Turun laa nanti ok Bang?

    Comment by Sri Kebakat — October 28, 2008 @ 9:09 pm | Reply

  2. Ahem!

    I thought you told me that – on record – there is no woman working at the that god-forsaken-place???

    Ah, men, they are all the SAME!

    * reckon I will ever make it to Ubud Writer Festival Bro? Don’t answer here, text me ok?

    Err, Mish.. you caught me with my fly open -oops -. Ada cewe laa, but my better half don’t know. If not there’ll be plenty to answer for. Catch my drift? 😉

    Comment by elviza — October 29, 2008 @ 12:48 pm | Reply

  3. Yes the Mac in white is nice heh heh and the learning curve is not that bad…. tengah offer pulak sekarang nie…

    Bro’.. go get it. My better 0.5 ada satu. When I was home the last time she was pissed that I keep borrowing the Machine. MacBook Pro running Aperture2 kot? A dream for photokakis..
    (dreamin’ of FX)

    Comment by apandi — October 30, 2008 @ 1:47 pm | Reply

  4. Mat Salo,
    Finally you did it. I thought you have a valid excuse not to do it. It is good that you do it. I know you would do something original like you did.

    Oops almost missed your comment here, Pak. Which reminds me, I think I got one more outstanding tag, tapi apa ya? 😦 -MS

    Comment by Pak Zawi — November 2, 2008 @ 8:42 pm | Reply

  5. Dear sir,

    Been following your comment via mat bangkai.since Kisah Esah blogspot.Quite witty at times.
    Jes a quest sir are you on contractual basis with ApexIndo
    and which rig are you on.All the rigs are name after the Bossa children.Which one are you on?

    All the best?

    pak tuo

    Comment by pak tuo — November 11, 2008 @ 2:28 am | Reply

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